Learn to Code Websites, Games & Robots

Learn and code to invent, make and play.

Learn by Doing

Work on projects to learn. Practice makes perfect.

At young coders club we do code. Learn to tinker with robots and game development. Join us on one of our sessions to have a look.


How often the sessions are:

The sessions are run by volunteers over the school term times. And venue is also provided by a non-profit organization  (Leicester Hackspace) so availability and session dates varies. But we aim to meet at least twice a month. Please check the events page for details.


Where we meet?

We mostly meet at Leicester Hackspace. Check events for venues,

What to bring?

Yourself, a laptop if you have one and an adult to stay while you code.

How long the sessions are for?

Normally from 2 to 4 hours. Depends on the theme.

Certificate, do I get a certificate?

Yes, you get certificate by participating in award based projects. Ask your organiser for details on the day of your visit.

Are the meets/session formal?

No, we work very informally in small teams to achieve small goals while learning exciting stuff computers and electronics can do for us by programming them.

Who are the Volunteers?

Volunteers come from various backgrounds, parents, tinkerers, teachers and young participants. Always supervised by a DBS checked STEM ambassador.

Free Courses

All of our courses are free to attend. A voluntary contribution is welcomed to help run the sessions.

Workshops and Bootcamps

We are planning to start workshops and bootcamps very soon. Stay tuned.

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